RhinoVermi Vermibeds


RhinoVermi Vermibeds

RhinoVermi Vermibed

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Earthworms in RhinoVermi Vermi bedRhinoVermi compost beds represent the future in modern compost technology. They offer a unique combination of; simple installation, optimal aeration control, light weight materials and extremely tough construction. RhinoVermi compost beds are a smart choice for all organic agricultural industries that benefit from the higher yields resulting from vermicompost.

RhinoVermi's most appealing feature is it's ease of installation. Gone are the days of having to construct expensive Vermi beds from materials such as concrete. RhinoVermi is so easy to install, several beds can be erected in just a few hours! They are also very easy to relocate. Just slide the RhinoVermi beds off their installation posts, move them to a new location, and in a few hours they are back in service! Light weight reinforced HDPE construction means that they can be transported cheaply and without heavy duty transportation vehicles. This also makes it easy to set them up in hard to access or remote locations.

In addition to industry leading durability and construction, RhinoVermi beds are factory fitted with InterWrap's leading edge aeration windows. Aeration allows the compost to maintain the proper moisture and oxygen levels for microbial populations to operate at peak efficiency. They also prevent excess heat build up. Optimal aeration results in faster and healthier composts that in turn give higher crop yields.

RhinoVermi sets the standard in product quality. They are made from 100% multilayer coated woven HDPE material and are; puncture resistant, waterproof, impervious to mold, and unaffected by most agricultural chemicals. InterWrap also guarantees its workmanship with a limited warrantee against all manufacturing defects and a minimum of 1 year UV stability. RhinoVermi compost beds are one of the many products offered by InterWrap, the global leader in coated woven technology and are manufactured at their India based, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Ensure your Vermi compost beds have what it takes to handle even the harshest environments, don't leave quality and durability to chance. Choose the industry proven brand name RhinoVermi and rest assured knowing you've made the right choice!

RhinoVermi Vermibed layers

RhinoVermi is certified by IS 15907:2010 - License No. CM/L-3746976 Approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards

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1 Dimension
1 Length As per IS 15907 3600 mm
1 Width As per IS 15907 1200 mm
1 Height As per IS 15907 600 mm
2 Mass, g/m2, Min. IS 1964 350
3 Breaking strength before UV exposure, N, Min.
3 Warp IS 1964 1900
3 Weft IS 1964 1800
4 Elongation at breaking %
4 Warp IS 1964 22
4 Weft IS 1964 22
4 Accel. UV Weathering ASTM G154 >90% after *2000 hrs exposure
5 Retention of breaking strength after UV exposure, N, Min.
5 Warp IS 1964 >1600
5 Weft IS 1964 >1600
6 Welded Seam Strength IS 1964 >1600
7 Tear Strength, N, Min.
7 Warp Method A2 of IS:7016 (Part 3) 200
7 Weft Method A2 of IS:7016 (Part 3) 200
8 Puncture Strength, N, Min. Annex C 325
9 Environmental Stress Cracking Test Annex D No evidence of stress cracking
10 Resistance to chemicals, change in the mass, Percent, Max. Annex D Less than 6
11 Colour fastness to artificial light IS:2454 (Xenon lamp method) More than 6
12 Bursting pressure, kgf/cm2, Min. Above 35

Note: all values are ± 10 %
The following is made in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied: The test data is based on an average taken over several production runs and should not be considered or interpreted as minimum or maximum values. Values are typical data and not limiting Specifications. Their accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed and Interwrap Inc. makes no warranty with regard thereto. Seller’s and manufacturer’s only responsibility shall be to replace any quantity of the product proved defective. Seller and manufacturer shall not be liable for injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of use or the inability to use the product. Before using, user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use. User assumes all risk and liability of every nature in connection therewith. No statements or recommendations other than those contained in an agreement manually signed by the offers of seller and manufacturer.