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InterWrap® is a vertically integrated, global manufacturer of innovative coated woven products and diverse multi-layer laminated reinforced plastic substrates. InterWrap serves a wide variety of markets such as synthetic roofing underlayments, protective packaging - lumber & metal wrap, geomembranes, converted fabrics, agricultural and construction products. Consistent product quality is achieved by using state-of-the-art plastic extrusion, weaving, coating, laminating, printing techniques and a strong commitment to partnership with our customers, employees and suppliers.
Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

Titanium® and RhinoRoof® are the leading brands of synthetic underlayment for use under sloped roofing. Our range of roofing underlayments offer up to six months uv exposure, superior walkability, ice damming protection and much more.

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Protective Packaging

Lumber wrap and custom formed covers. WeatherPro® is InterWrap's brand of protective packaging for transport and temporary storage of; lumber, plywood, Kiln-Dried lumber, treated wood, remanufactured wood, I-joists & beams, structural panels, all types of sidings and other building materials.

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Geomembranes & Industrial Fabrics

Geomembranes for all types of liners and covers in demanding applications including; oilfields, environmental applications, hazardous material containment, landfills, spill containment, remediation, truck and rail car liners, ponds and more.

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Metal Packaging

Superior multilayered high strength woven core metal packaging for the protection of flat sheet and coiled metal. Our Metal wraps have been engineered to withstand demanding environment, handling, and transport applications. InterWrap's line of Duramet™ and Promet™ wrap will ensure that your high grade metal arrives at its destintion looking steel mill fresh!

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Custom Coating & Laminating

Whether you are a leader in the paper converting market or need an engineered coating solution, depend on InterWrap for your Custom Coating and Laminating solutions. Our state-of-the-art extrusion technology gives us the ability to coat a diverse range of paper substrates with engineered lamination constructions. This includes multi-layer solutions such as foil based, paper-backed and woven scrim reinforced products.

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Career Opportunities

Our continued and consistent high growth and success requires that we find additional like minded people. Worldwide career opportunities available in North America, India and China. We are actively looking for candidates that have directly related industry experience in the coated woven products industry.

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