Korin™ VCI Corrosion Protection

Korin™ VCI protection for metal

Corrosion Protection, What is corrosion (rust)?

Rusted metal

Corrosion is the natural process of ferrous metal trying to return to its original form of iron ore. Corrosion also takes place in all metals in the same fashion (i.e., copper and nickel corrosion is in the form of "tarnish", aluminum corrosion is in the form of white rust or aluminum oxide, etc.). Corrosion takes place due to air (oxygen) and water (moisture) attacking the surface of metal (known as oxidation) and creating the most common form of corrosion, known as rust. Rust is a flaky substance that appears on the metal surface, which was once part of the metal, and is turned into iron oxide. This process is also referred to as oxidation.

What is VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor)?

Korin VCI technology is a safe, dry, InterWrap patented chemical technology that halts the natural oxidation process. VCI stands for "volatile corrosion inhibitor". This chemical process creates a monomolecular barrier of Korin material across the surface of the metal, by way of its own chemical vapor emitted from the packaging material. Korin™ is a harmless, dry chemical, which is chemically attracted to the metal surface at the thickness of one molecule. This protects the metal surface from the penetration of moisture and oxygen stalling the natural corrosion process. Corrosion protection is dependent on creating a 'closed environment' around the metal so that the Korin vapor will permeate throughout the packaged material. If the package provides less coverage and is more 'open to the environment', then the less the vapor (or Korin protection) will permeate the material and will simply go into the air, offering less protection. If the package provides more coverage and is 'closed to the environment', then the Korin will stay within the package boundaries and protect the metal.

What are the estimated annual cost effects of corrosion in today's environment?

Corrosion is estimated to cause more than $200 billion a year in total product claims, returns and product failures. One single 'rust claim' from a key customer can cost more than all the annual dollars spent on packaging in total, in addition to significant losses in goodwill and customer loyalty.

How is VCI used in steel wrapping materials?

When producing paper-based metals wrapping materials, VCI is formulated in a liquid form and applied to the paper surface. When absorbed into the paper, the VCI is emitted over time. When producing all plastic metals wrapping materials, VCI is formulated in a pellet form and mixed into the poly resin prior to extrusion. This provides an even and specific concentration in the coated surfaces, which are usually tinted to indicate VCI coatings.