InterWrap® China

Jiaozhou, China - Manufacturing, R&D, Distribution & Warehousing

This 290,000 square feet plant is the third addition to InterWrap's growing family of offshore facilities. The China manufacturing facility is located in Jiaozhou, China, which is very close in proximity to two major export ports. The strategic location of the plant will provide rapid delivery of top quality products to suffice the growing demand of InterWrap's global clientele. In addition to state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, this facility has been designed with the highest standards to ensure its employees are well taken care of. The manufacturing facility includes an impressive housing and recreational facility for all full time employees. Taking the stance of a reputable, caring employer will ensure that InterWrap's China plant attracts and maintains a large pool of highly skilled, quality workers. Cutting edge technology, first-rate workforce, and a strategic location for logistical excellence-InterWrap's China manufacturing facility will further enhance the company's international advantage as a supplier of superior woven products across the globe.

InterWrap China Circular Looms

InterWrap China - High precision circular looms

InterWrap China tape lines

InterWrap China - High output tape lines

InterWrap China 150 inch coating line

InterWrap China - 150" Extrusion Coater