InterWrap® Canada

Mission, British Columbia - Manufacturing, R&D, Distribution & Warehousing

InterWrap's Mission Plant

InterWrap Canada - Mission, British Columbia
Nestled between picturesque snow-capped mountain ranges and the mighty Fraser River, InterWrap's Mission plant continues to be a key part of our North American manufacturing operations. Strategically positioned, our Mission facility enables us to expedite goods to the West coast of Canada and the USA.

InterWrap, Mission BC
7163 Beatty Drive
Mission, BC Canada V2V 6C4

Dorval, Québec - Manufacturing, Distribution & Warehousing

InterWrap's Montreal Plant

InterWrap Canada - Dorval, Québec
Situated near the St Lawrence River in Dorval, Québec, Our Eastern Canada facility is strategically located to deliver goods to the eastern side of the USA and Canada.