WeatherPro® DO2 RapidWrapper

WeatherPro DO2 RapidWrapper

Why is automatic lumber wrapping the right choice?

  • Automating the lumber wrapping process is faster, safer and saves labor cost
  • It uses industry leading and proven WeatherPro woven polypropylene lumber wrap
  • Extremely low maintenance cost

InterWrap is confident we have a superior solution to offer the marketplace for automated lumber package wrapping and printing of label information directly onto WeatherPro lumber wrap. The DO2 RapidWrapper is the logical answer to today and tomorrow’s requirements for automation without forsaking quality of lumber wrap.

Today’s modern wood manufacturers are demanding automatic solutions for streamlined production and increased safety. The DO2 RapidWrapping System has been specifically designed to meet and exceed these requirements with the use of superior strength WeatherPro lumber wrap and ZeroDowntime™ built-in production capabilities. 

Advantages of using the DO2 RapidWrapper and WeatherPro lumber wrap:

  • Automatically wrap lumber, EWP & OSB packages in as little as 45 seconds
  • Wrapping system drastically reduces wrapping and labeling labor with ROI in as little as one year dependent upon number of units wrapped
  • ZeroDowntime™ - wrapper works in fully automatic and semi-automatic modes!
  • New patent pending PRO WrapPrint label printing system automatically prints label information directly on the wrap eliminating the need to purchase or apply labels
  • Unlike cross laminated or standard stretch wrap blown film systems, the PRO RapidWrapper can adjust the wrapping tension allowing for optimized air flow between the wood and the wrap allowing for faster dry time and optimized mold control
  • Unit can wrap various widths and lengths of packages from 5’ to greater than 64’ in length
  • Self loading multiple width roll dispensers for faster cycle times
  • Small footprint and open structure design allows for easy access and low maintenance cost.  No hydraulics, operated by simple pneumatic and electric servo motors.  Equipment is virtually maintenance free, no oiling or greasing required
  • Leasing programs available

WeatherPro's tear strength is 6x stronger than blown film!

DO2 RapidWrapper high strength WeatherPro woven wrap vs. blown film
DO2 RapidWrapper woven wrap Poly film
Operational in automatic & semi-automatic modes Yes No
Operational in-line printing directly onto wrap Yes No
Tensile Strength ASTM D882 MD 60 lbs/in | CD 60 lbs/in MD 12 lbs/in | CD 11 lbs/in
Tear Strength ASTM D4533 MD 48 lbs | CD 44 lbs MD 9 lbs | CD 12 lbs
Reinforcing weave count 5 x 5 None

The DO2 RapidWrapping System is the most cost effective automatic solution that is designed to use the packaging industry’s most reliable, proven strength WeatherPro® woven polypropylene lumber wrap which is 100% recyclable. Whether you are shipping across town or across the continent, the interwoven polypropylene tapes sealed inside layers of advanced polymer coatings will provide the protection your packages need to arrive looking mill fresh.

  • 4 times more puncture resistant than all poly film wrap
  • 5 times stronger in tensile strength and 6 times stronger in tear strength than all poly film wrap
  • Incorporates InterWrap’s RipStop™ technology that holds up to the harshest handling conditions with the minimum amount of damage whereas poly film has no mechanical means to stop a tear from growing out of control
  • offers clearer graphics allowing mills to maintain their corporate branding standards - No distortion and stretch wrinkles as occurs with poly film wrap
  • 100% recyclable and industry proven
Do2 multi-roll illustration

Tailor made multiple width roll loading!

Yet another great feature on the DO2 RapidWrapper is the “Multiple Width Roll Loading” option. This tailor-made feature gives you the flexibility of preloading multiple rolls (as many as required) of varying widths and change on the fly!

D02 in-line printing label

Fully automatic in-line inkjet label printing system!

Another unique time and cost saving feature of the DO2 RapidWrapping System is the optional patent pending PRO WrapPrint in-line printer. You can now print your label information and anything else you wish directly onto WeatherPro woven lumber wrap! Furthermore, the PRO WrapPrint system can be instantly updated, no more label re-orders or labels falling off packages!

RhinoRoof RSA MSDS

I. Product Identification and Use:

Product Identification:
RhinoRoof RSA
Product Use/Description:
Coated woven self adhesive membrane for use as a roofing underlayment
Product Composition:
<25% polyolefin fabric
<75% rubberized asphalt

II. Hazardous Ingredients:

Hazoudous component:
ACGIH   TLV   LD50   %Wt
Petroleum Asphalt:
5.0 mg/m   5-15g/kg   >50%
CAS # 8052-42-4

Petroleum Oil:
0.2000   TWA   >15%
CAS # 64741-88-4

III. Physical Data:

a.  Physical State:
b.  Odor and Appearance:
Pigmented Woven fabric, slight petroleum odor
c.  Odor threshold (ppm):
d.  Vapor Pressure (mmHg):
e.  Vapor Density (Air = 1):
f.   Evaporation rate:
g.  Boiling Point (oC):
h.  Freezing Point (oC):
i.   pH:
j.   Specific Gravity:
k. Coef. Water/oil Dist.:

IV. Fire and Explosion Data:

a. Flammability:
Will support combustion under direct flame
b. Fire fighting procedure:
The use of self contained breathing apparatus is recommended for fire fighters
c. Means of extinction:
Water spray and dry chemicals.
d. Flash point (oC) and Method:
>410˚F  (T.O.C.)
e. Upper flammable limit
(% by volume):

f. Lower flammable limit
(% by volume):

g. Hazardous combustion

Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides and Sulfur
h. Explosion Data:
Not sensitive to impact nor to static discharge.

V. Reactivity Data:

a. Chemical stability:
b. Incompatibility with
other substances:

c. Reactivity:
d. Hazardous decomposition

No data.

VI.Toxicological properties:

a. Route of entry:
Skin, Indigestion
b. Skin:
Avoid contact with skin. Excessive exposure may cause irritation to eyes, nose, throat & skin. Prolonged and repeated skin contact may cause skin irritation.
c. Indigestion:
Slight toxic.
Emergency and First Aid:

Wash thoroughly with soap and water. If redness or irritation develops, obtain medical assistance.
Flush with water for at least 15 minutes. Obtain medical assistance.
Drink liquids. Obtain medical assistance.
Medical conditions aggravated
by exposure:

Disorders or diseases of the skin, eyes, respiratory tract or allergies.
No IARC Monographs
OSHA regulated irritant:

VII. Preventive Measures:

a. Gloves:
b. No respirator required under
normal use.

c. Leak and spill procedure:
d. Waste disposal:
See your local authorities for disposal instructions.
e. Handling and Storage:
Rolls should be adequately restrained to prevent shifting during handling and storage.
f. Storage Requirements:
g. Special shipping information:

IX. Other Information:

a. DOT Shipping Name:
Asphaltic Roofing Material
b. DOT Hazard Class:
Not required

Prepared by: IW R&D group. (604) 820-5400
Revision Date: 26th September 2014

This information is furnished without warranty expressed or implied, except that it is accurate to the best knowledge of  InterWrap Inc. The data on this sheet relates only to the specific material designated herein. InterWrap Inc. assumes no legal responsibility for use or reliance upon this data.

*N.Ap. None Applicable