InterWrap® India

InterWrap India - InterWrap Corp Pvt. Ltd.
in Dapada Village, Silvassa, India

Established in 2002, IPP is strategically situated in South East Asia and is fully equipped to manufacture all of InterWrap's coated woven fabrics, building and construction materials, industrial fabrics, lumber and metal wraps. Combined, the Dapada and Sayli plants occupy approximately 250 000 square feet. They are a vital part of InterWrap's manufacturing effectiveness and ability to successfully compete in today's global market. With six global manufacturing plants in addition to several distribution facilities in Asia, Europe and across North America, InterWrap has the ability to provide an uninterrupted, rapid delivery to suffice the "Speed to market" approach of InterWrap's global clientele. IPP operates with state of the art equipment, including one of the worlds widest tandem coating lines, four color presses, tape extruders and circular weaving looms. At IPP new products are constantly being researched and developed for both local and global markets. Locally, products such as our reinforced HDPE coated woven pond liners are helping local farming communities to save water, collected during the brief rain season, for redistribution during the long dry Summer months. On a global front IPP is a major manufacturer of our Titanium synthetic roofing underlayment and wood packaging that is widely sold across the United States and Canada . IPP also has full back-up power generators to ensure year round production in a region where power supply can be affected by local weather conditions such as Monsoonal rains.

InterWrap's Sayli Plant
InterWrap India - Sayli, Silvassa, India

Completed in 2008 and located just a few kilometers away from the Dapada facility Sayli was built to meet our ever increasing production demands.

InterWrap's Dapada Laboratory

InterWrap India's state-of-the-art research & development laboratory

InterWrap India new circular looms

InterWrap India - High precision circular looms

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