Protecting Our World

Many of us will spend the majority of our life pursuing our chosen profession. We all look for a greater meaning in what we do for a living. Teachers don’t just pass students from grade-to-grade, they prepare our youth to make the world a better place. Truck drivers aren’t simply moving cargo, they are the conduit that allows business to happen. At Interwrap we believe we do more than just sell plastic. We are protecting our world.

We manufacture products that protect the Earth’s natural resources such as the water we drink and the food we eat. We continue to see stories every day about tainted water from places as far away as the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil and as close to home as the lead issues in FliRhinoMat750_PumFarmnt, Michigan. There are a number of causes that can help drive our society and culture to clean drinkable water. We manufacture a product that is specifically designed to house or store potable “drinking” water. Our RhinoMat series has gone through the rigorous protocol of passing NSF61 requirements making the water to consume. Some of the requirements include no post-consumer reprocessed resin, no reprocessed resin on the surface and no migrating resins. This is an international standard that ensures any product or process that comes in contact with potable water will be safe to ingest. When Interwrap supplies RhinoMat to your local or state government for their waste water plant, clear water lagoon or potable water storage facility, we make sure our product will keep you and your family safe from hazardous chemicals that may be associated with other flexible membranes. RhinoMat doesn’t just provide clean water for humans; there are also applications that keep our fish safe.

As the world population continues to grow, we are seeing an increase in environmentally friendly sustainable aquaculture farms. According to The World Bank Organization by the year 2030, nearly two-thirds of all fish will come from a fish farm. The majority will be made up of tilapia, carp and catfish. Most of these farm ponds are lined with an impermeable liner. It’s imperative to supply a product with non-leaching or migratory resins in order to keep the fish, and ultimately the consumer, healthy and safe. InterWrap is working with a number of key organizations to help drive an industry standard in order to ensure the fish you prepare for your family will contain no hazardous toxins derived from the liner under their old habitat.

In addition to manufacturing fish safe products, we also supply agricultural products across the United States. Our RhinoSkin product line is used aRhinoSkin30SGwithSafeTGrips grain, hay and poultry liners across the country. RhinoSkin’s unique formulation of both strength and durability make it an ideal product to protect these crops from mold, waste and spoilage. Many of the covers across the Midwest of America protect the crops for the livestock to consume. Not only is it important to minimize spoilage allowing farmers to utilize more of their crop, it also protects against moldy feed being consumed by the livestock. These covers allow farmers to maximize dairy production and ensure the milk we get at the supermarket is clean, healthy and at a competitive price.

It’s important for us to understand as we wake up each day and travel across the globe that we are doing more than just selling liners, building relationships and growing our global market. We are in-fact protecting our world and making it a healthier and better place for everyone. To learn more about “The Importance of Geomembrane Liners for Aquaculture, check out our other article:

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