Popular Roofing Footwear

Qualities of good roofing footwear:

  • Thin treads with no deep lugs.
  • Most roofers have different shoes for different types of weather conditions. For hotter days  lighter footwear allows your feet to stay cooler.
  • Most of the time shoes with medium to soft density have good COF (Coefficient of Friction).
  • High top basketball shoes, tennis shoes and boat shoes -these types of shoes normally have good sole composition and the most surface area contact. It is important to make sure they fit well, with shoe laces and are tied properly. The down side to these shoes is that nails can puncture through them easily.
    • Basketball and tennis shoes do not offer ankle support.
  • High-Top shoes with laces that run to the top and additional straps are best.
  • Most U.S. Government jobs require steel toe shoes/boots. It’s rare that residential roofers wear steal toe shoes unless part of a bigger company that has it as policy.  This is probably the same is true for commercial roofers and general contractor crews.

Price range: $40-$200
Qualities to avoid in roofing footwear:

  • Typical construction boots with hard material soles makes it harder to grip.
  • Deep lugs footwear can carry more debris up on the roof reducing the COF.
  • Avoid semi-transparent yellowish soles, usually on ¾ to full height buckskin boots.
  • Some oil resistant soles can have a negative impact on COF.
  • Avoid leather soles footwear.

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