RhinoMat® Geomembranes by InterWrap

RhinoMat® geomembranes by InterWrap are innovative products that offer exceptional hydrostatic resistance for buried and unburied containment applications.For applications where liquid containment is critical, RhinoMat’s proprietary layered construction will give you maximum performance in all climates and environmental conditions. Designed for easy installation and long life, RhinoMat is an extremely durable and light weight product that is the ideal containment solution for applications such as: waste water storage, above ground storage tanks, irrigation, pond, canal, basin and other linings, water flow redirection, aquaculture, potable water containment (NSF 61 certification pending) and many other uses. RhinoMat’s thick LLPDE outer skin provides outstanding UV, ozone and oxidation resistance.

RhinoMat Geomembranes Pond Liner


Features & Benefits:

  • SurFlex™ LLDPE surface technology provides superior welding characteristics & industry leading resistance to stress cracking
  • Unequaled mechanical strength, tear and puncture resistance due to our proprietary layered construction
  • Low unit weight and superior seaming allows for prefabrication and easy field handing of large prefabricated panels
  • Puncture, abrasion and chemical resistant construction with a high strength HDPE woven core that provides superior dimensional stability
  • Outstanding UV, ozone & oxidation resistance
  • Non-toxic, no PVC or other hazardous materials used in manufacture of material
  • Available in North America in 24 mil (RhinoMat 500) and 30 mil (RhinoMat 750) product thicknesses and soon to be available in 144” roll width
  • 20 year warranty available in 30 mil product (RhinoMat 750) for certain conditions

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