Harvesting the Rain

Amongst the barren region of Nashik, India lays a beautiful plum farm.

Rich green trees are aligned in very uniform rows reaping the benefits of a well-designed irrigation pond. Along the base of the tree runs a drip irrigation hose which is the lifeblood of this farm. The local famers in Nashik have learned they must capture as much rain as possible when it falls. July and August is monsoon season in India and it can rain as much as 25-35 inches. The remaining 10 months this region may only see another 10 inches of rain, or approximately an inch per month. Interwrap has partnered with a number of fabrication and installation companies serving a vital role in these farmers’ lives. The ponds are strategically located at the bottom of a mountain maximizing the amount of rain runoff that feeds the ponds.

This 86,000 sqft pond is located approximately 135 miles Northeast of Mumbai, but due to road conditions it takes over 4 hours to drive from Silvassa to Nashik. It was installed in 2013 and has beenPond1 feeding the plum orchard ever since. The pond is lined with a RhinoMat 750 geomembrane. It is a specially formulated geomembrane with a woven HDPE core, coated with LLDPE and then finished with an additional Surflex coating for added strength, weather resistance and weldability. Although not mandatory for this installation, RhinoMat is NSF61 approved and a verified fish safe product. The woven design gives the installer greater flexibility to work around less than desirable subgrade conditions compared to a more rigid blown film membrane.

The Indian government recognizes the importance of these ponds to the local and national economy. They even offer many of the farmers’ subsidies to install ponds on their land. Interwrap continues to partner with fabrication and installation customers that will service this market improving the lives of the local population.


InterWrap Industrial Fabrics North American Sales Manager Jimmie Eloff with Indian Plum Farmers

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