How to Stop Ice Dams – Part 3

ice_3_1Damage caused by Ice Dams can be costly to repair but also can be very dangerous for a DIY’er to fix.  It is therefore recommended that this type of work be left up to licensed professionals.  By now you should see the importance of using Titanium PSU30 on new construction to protect your roof from the damage that can occur from Ice Dams.  It is also important to note that falling icicles can be a threat to safety around your home.

Having good insulation with a good balanced attic ventilation system is very important factor in avoiding ice dams but many contractors and homeowners are going a step farther and using heat cable strips along the eave rain gutters and in the valleys.  Arguably these are not solving the root source of the ice dam but heat cable strips do help remove icicles and some of the ice dam problems near the gutters and valleys on your roof. This short video explains it perfectly.

There are many ways to heat critical areas of the roof that are susceptible to ice dams and icicle formation.  One company called All Weather Armour has some unique products that offer this type of heating systems.  Two of these options are the heat gutter guard and valleys panels.   High performance gutter guards have the option to turn off and on a heat cable strips that will melt dangerous icicles and control ice dams near the gutter system.   Heated valley panels operate very similarly but are designed to work in the valleys in areas where there is a high volume of water that can freeze.

Photo above provided by Claw Roofing Specialists Alberta Calgary and EPA.


Imagine trying to chop off these icicles from a ladder and picture the damage these could cause to property or injury if one fell on you or your family.  Sure a snow covered roof with icicles looks charming in the winter but it can be deadly.  A heat control system from All Weather Armour can help control these ice dams and icicles.  The IceBreaker™ Heated Gutter Guard System has obvious de-icing benefits, along with the ability to filter out debris from your gutters.  This unit also offers the option to turn it off which can save energy.

ice_3_3All Weather Armour also has the IceArmour™ Valley Heat Panel to control freezing in your valleys. Using one or both of these products will help with your battle against Ice Dams and Icicles.

So in this three part Blog we have learned the damaging ice dams and icicle can be controlled by insulation, ventilation and heat cable strips but having a proper underlayment is also an important feature of your roof to protect it.

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