Roof Cleaning and Inspection

After a long hard winter, it now time to think about spring cleaning around the home. This includes your roof as well. Yes, your roof needs freshening up also. . . DebrisinValley1which means accessing it. Remember as a DIY’er you must also use fall protection climbing up on a roof, just like the professionals. That is why we advise using a licensed roofing contractor for any work done on your roof.

After winter you can see the effects of high winds, hail, rain and snow. The first step in-house cleaning a roof is to step back, and using a pair of binoculars, look at your roof for problems.  Things to look for are; missing shingles, shakes or tiles, loose ridge caps, or metal roof flashing that has been damaged or blown away. Many roofs take a beating all winter long and viewing this through the binoculars is an easy and safe way to check on the health of your roof.

Debris that piles up in valleys and around protrusions like skylights and chimneys also can cause problems if not removed. Leaf Dams like these, or plugged gutters can cause water to dam up and migrating up and under the shingles  intruding into the house.  This is the main purpose for choosing a strong waterproof secondary layer of protection  under you primary roofing like Titanium UDL30 roofing underlayment.  Having a synthetic underlayment layer  protects the roof deck and roof structuroof_rough_shape_640x480re from leaks caused by damaged or missing shingles temporarily until primary  roofing repairs can be made. Failure to remove debris on the roof deck an also promote mold, mildew and rot, lowering the life expectancy of the  primary roofing.

Hanging tree limbs can also do damage to your roof. Blowing wind can cause them to rake the mineral surface off the face of the asphalt shingles. The mineral surface on an asphalt shingle protects it against the damage caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun. Larger tree limbs can actually penetrate or dislodge shingles, metal flashings, or damage valleys and gutters. Any damage to these should be corrected as soon as possible.


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