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WeatherPro® is the industry's leading brand of lumber wrap and protective packaging.

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WeatherPro is the industry's leading brand of protective packaging for transport and temporary storage of; lumber, plywood, Kiln-Dried lumber, treated wood, remanufactured wood, I-joists & beams, structural panels, all types of sidings and other building materials.

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WeatherPro® Elite

WeatherPro Elite is our polypropylene reinforced woven wrap made with an underside layer of natural kraft paper that improves moisture control within the package. Recommended for areas with high humidity or products that are extremely moisture sensitive.
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WeatherPro® Railcar Covers

InterWrap's WeatherPro Railcar Covers are specifically designed to protect against abrasion, weather, handling and transit damage. Railcar Covers are available in three proven grades of protection; Select, Premium, Ultra & Elite
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DO2 RapidWrapper

The DO2 RapidWrapper automatically wraps lifts of lumber. Designed to streamline production and increase safety. Your logical answer to today and tomorrow’s requirements for automation without forsaking quality of lumber wrap.
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We focus on you

How does InterWrap deliver the industry's finest coated woven packaging solutions? Our focus is on your individual needs. Our goal is to listen and learn from you what you require and then deliver it to your specification on time and around the globe.

Your Challenge

Inadequate packaging leads to rips, tears and contamination from moisture. When this happens, the end result is often expensive and can result in a tarnished reputation for quality control.

Your Solution

For packaging solid sawn lumber, I-joists & beams, structural panels or other wood products, InterWrap can provide you with the coated woven protection you need to maintain product integrity throughout transportation, inspection and storage. InterWrap also offers custom solutions such as micro-perforated product or adding a slip resistant surface to your wrap such as our patented Safe-T-Grip™.
InterWrap's solution includes: